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Your Bedford Dentist Is Your Lifelong Partner in Health

September 12, 2018
Posted By: Luke Garlock
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Built with children and families in mind, down to our play area and video games, Rush Creek Dentistry performs an important service of instilling lifelong dental health. 

By encouraging good habits, we are promoting whole-body wellness. Much has been made of the mouth-body connection. Inflammation of chronic gum disease has been linked to Type 2 diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular disease, low birth-weight babies, and other conditions. 

Dental health: A family affair

The importance of our family-wide dental health focus is underscored by national survey findings; only 71 percent of children have “excellent” or “very good” oral health. 

As a dentist in Bedford, we are up against even bigger challenges. Sixty-six percent of kids in our state have “very good” or better oral health, with Texas among six states whose ranking is “significantly lower” than the U.S. average. A family sits for a photo | Family Dentist arlington tx

Almost 43 percent of our third-graders have untreated tooth decay. More than 17 percent of Texans aged 65-plus don’t have any teeth. 

We emphasize to parents the importance of bringing children in when the first tooth appears. Kids learn to brush and floss in a way that’s not intimidating. Children associate our office with good experiences. “Seeing the dentist” isn’t a source of anxiety so that care is avoided later in life. 

ABC’s of good dental habits

Early education is a priority for good reason; the first two years of life are pivotal to build a foundation for healthy teeth. 

A number of studies have linked poor diet and brushing in the first 24 months of life to decay. Children depend on parents to brush their teeth properly. Even after children are old enough to brush on their own, it’s important to re-brush -- twice a day. 

Sugar-laden drinks and foods should be limited, and the condition of the toothbrush monitored. Is it frayed? After three or four months of consistent use, worn brushes can do more harm than good by harboring the microorganisms responsible for oral and systemic infections. 

You may know by experience that kids learning a second language are more open to sounds and patterns in speech before puberty. In this vein, children pick up a daily hygiene routine with ease. They’re sensitive to praise and learn best by imitating parents who show them how to brush properly and regularly. 

We’ll show them there is nothing to fear at the dentist’s office and get you and your family on the right track to dental health. Call our office at (682) 323-3299 to schedule a visit.

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