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Six Month Smiles vs Traditional Braces

a man with braces smiles against a wood backdrop | orthodontist arlington

If you are looking to align your smile more quickly than can be achieved through traditional metal braces, the Six Month Smiles treatment in our Arlington, TX office may be right for you.

While Six Month Smiles and traditional braces do share some similarities -- such as straightening your teeth through brackets and wires -- the two treatment programs have several distinct differences.

Generally speaking, Six Month Smiles is an orthodontic treatment specifically designed to be faster and simpler than the average set of braces. Which treatment is right for you will depend on your age, the structure of your mouth and your overall orthodontic goals. Our caring Arlington, TX team can ...

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A Quick History of the Development of Six Month Smiles

a close up image of a smile with six month smiles braces | arlington orthodontics

Six Month Smiles is one of the most popular cosmetic services offered by our Arlington, TX dental office. 

Six Month Smiles is a short-term orthodontic treatment program geared toward adult patients who want a quick, minimally-invasive way to straighten their teeth and correct minor cosmetic complaints. Six Month Smiles can be thought of as a faster, more basic extension of traditional orthodontics. 

The Six Month Smiles program was developed by Dr. Ryan Swain, a dentist from New York State who saw the need for an adult-specific orthodontic program while he was treating patients back in 2003. Many adult patients were turned off by the cost, time and appearance associated with metal braces ...

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Four Good Reasons Why People Choose All-On-Four

a woman smiles in front of a white backdrop | dental implants arlington tx

If you need extensive restorative work for either missing top or bottom teeth, All-on-Four Dental Implant Treatment may be a good fit for you. Read below to learn more about why patients are choosing All-on-Four Dental Implants in our Arlington, TX office.

Shorter Treatment Time

Classic dental implant and denture treatment plans typically require months of preparation work, healing and visits to the office before a final smile is achieved. For dental implants, in particular, sites that have been bone grafted must be allowed to heal naturally and often slowly before an implant post can even be placed. With the All-on-Four program, the implants used are placed at an angle within the ...

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Rush Creek Dentistry Prioritizes Patient Comfort and Convenience

A woman smiles in the dental chair | dentist arlington

Family life can be fulfilling, but also stressful. Meeting your family's obligations in work, school, activities, and social settings involves significant coordination and time. It is important to take time out to relax and enjoy… a visit to the dentist?

Rush Creek Dentistry, located in Arlington, TX, near Route 287 and Interstate 20, also serves families from our neighboring communities of Mansfield and the Inland Empire area. We are dedicated to ensuring our patients' comfort and convenience, with a complete range ...

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Your Bedford Dentist Is Your Lifelong Partner in Health

A woman smiles in front of a white backdrop | dentist bedford tx

Built with children and families in mind, down to our play area and video games, Rush Creek Dentistry performs an important service of instilling lifelong dental health. 

By encouraging good habits, we are promoting whole-body wellness. Much has been made of the mouth-body connection. Inflammation of chronic gum disease has been linked to Type 2 diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular disease, low birth-weight babies, and other conditions. 

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3 Common Misconceptions About Dental Crowns

An image of dental crowns of different colors | Dental Crowns Arlington TX

Have you recently been told you need a dental crown and are concerned about the procedure? Do you worry that it will be painful or that the results won’t look natural?

These are a couple of the common misconceptions that people share about dental crowns, so let’s take a moment to separate fact from fiction.

Myth #1: Getting a Crown is an Uncomfortable Procedure

Fact: If you’re not a fan of dental procedures, you may feel that the process of getting a dental crown will be difficult and uncomfortable. But at Rush Creek Dentistry, we can ensure your complete comfort. Not only do we offer sedation dentistry to calm your fears, but our ...

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How to Take Care of Your Smile following an Extraction

Two women smile on a beach | Arlington TX Dental Extraction

With all the updated materials and dental technology available today, dentists have many ways to restore damaged teeth to full function. Preserving the health and structure of the teeth you were born with is a priority because it’s healthier for your smile. But in the case of a severely damaged tooth that’s threatening your oral health, removing it may be the only viable option.

Types of Extractions

Most extractions are simple, which involves straightforward removal of the tooth. Others, like the extraction of impacted wisdom teeth, are considered surgical because they are more complex and involved.

With either type of extraction, there are post-procedure guidelines you need to follow to ensure your comfort ...

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