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5 Patient Food Favorites after an Extraction

foods you can eat after an extraction | arlington tx dentist

If you are facing the removal of your wisdom teeth, you are not alone. About 90 percent of Americans have at least one of these third molars, and many have them removed early to prevent dental problems from occurring later.

Wisdom teeth extraction in Arlington is a fairly routine procedure. Eating in the days after the surgery will be a bit of a challenge, so it’s helpful to know what kinds of nutritious foods are favorites for many people after they have an extraction.

Eat These Foods after an Extraction

Keep your strength up is just as important as getting plenty of sleep after you have a surgical procedure done. Try some of ...

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Why We Might Recommend Wisdom Tooth Extraction

wisdom teeth extractions | arlington tx

Wisdom teeth don’t always cause a problem, but when they do they can be painful and create oral health issues. 

Here are 5 reasons why Dr. Rami Sater may recommend removing your wisdom teeth:

Overcrowding – Not everyone has room at the back of their mouths for your third molars (wisdom teeth) and that may mean that they have trouble erupting or might press on your other teeth. Overcrowding causes complications with your bite and results in painful jaws.

Impaction – When your teeth cannot erupt fully or they grow in at an angle, the condition is known as impaction. Impacted teeth may try to grow through your gums but then need ...

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