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Professional Teeth Whitening: Worth the Investment

Woman's mouth before and after teeth whitening

With all the teeth whitening agents available at your local grocery store, why would you consider getting your teeth whitened in the dentist's chair? While at-home DIY teeth whitening gels, pastes, trays, and strips sound like a money-saving solution to a brighter smile, you should still consider professional teeth whitening. Here are just a few reasons why.

Your Tooth Enamel is Put at Risk

Most at-home teeth whitening kits contain hydrogen peroxide and abrasive agents which can wear out tooth enamel over time. Once tooth enamel is lost, it cannot be brought back.

When you scrape away at your tooth enamel with at-home whitening toothpaste and other tools, the rough surface of your ...

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What Makes Professional Tooth Whitening More Effective?

a woman smiles with her hands next to her face | Arlington TX teeth whitening

There are plenty of teeth whitening options available these days, from strips and gels to toothpaste and mouthwashes, but the most reliable way to get your teeth their whitest is with professional teeth whitening.

Arlington, TX residents interested in teeth whitening can call Rush Creek Dentistry to find out more!

Why Professional Teeth Whitening?

There are numerous products on the market today—toothpastes, gels, strips, and mouthwashes—that all claim to whiten teeth. And although many of these products are effective at removing surface stains from the teeth, nothing works as well and as quick as professional tooth whitening.

Over-the-counter products tend to take many weeks of consistent use before they show any results, but most people ...

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Considering Whitening Your Teeth? What You Should Know

woman having teeth whitened | arlington tx dentist

There’s nothing like a dazzling white smile to boost your confidence. When your teeth start to look darker than you’d like, because of lifestyle choices or because of age, many of us look to teeth whitening.

Today everyone, Arlington, TX residents, and has many options available for teeth whitening. Which one should you choose? Let’s take a look at what you should know when you decide on teeth whitening options.

Over-the-Counter Tooth Whiteners

The drugstore shelves are lined with affordable, over-the-counter whitening products. There are whitening strips, whitening toothpastes, whitening mouthwashes, and other options available. For the most part, these products will do a decent job of eliminating surface stains from your teeth.

Keep ...

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Don't Let Your Smile Fade! Keep It Fresh with These Tips

oral habits | arlington tx dentist

After you’ve had your teeth professionally whitened at your Arlington, TX dentist, you probably wonder why you waited so long to have the treatment. Chances are you are smiling more than ever these days, happy to show off a smile that has gone from drab to dazzling. You might even be taking better care of your teeth because you are so thrilled with the way they look.

What can you do to keep your pearly whites as bright as possible? Let’s take a look at ways you can keep your smile fresh after you have had your teeth professionally whitened.

Use Our At-Home Whitening Kits

After you have received in-office teeth whitening treatment, ...

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Teeth Whitening | Arlington TX

It's never too late to improve the appearance of your smile! The beauty of a brilliant smile is universally appreciated, and there are many products available to help you achieve that goal. Excellent oral hygiene and regular professional cleaning will help your smile stay bright. However, if you want to see dramatic improvement or remove stains from the enamel, you will need teeth whitening.

Available options

The best treatment depends on the nature of your discoloration. Many commercially available products are minimally effective at best. Whitening toothpastes typically contain a mild abrasive, which essentially super-cleans your teeth. These products can remove the accumulated dark material on the surface of teeth more effectively ...

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KöR FAQ | Rush Creek Dentistry | Arlington TX Dentist

What is KÖR?

It is a unique teeth whitening system that delivers dramatic, permanent results in a gentle process.

How does the system work?

The process begins with impressions of your mouth, which the trays are created from. A quick, comfortable in-office procedure is followed by about two weeks of at-home treatment. A final whitening procedure in our office completes the process.

Is the complete system necessary?

Yes. Although you will see noticeable improvement with every treatment, the system must be completed to achieve optimal results.

How effective is it?

KÖR has been shown to lighten teeth up to 16 shades. In some cases the results are even more dramatic!

How is it different from other systems?

KÖR is ...

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