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Do You Think Orthodontics Are Just for Teenagers? Think Again!

If you think about braces, you probably picture an awkward teenager with a mouth full of metal wires and brackets. If you missed the opportunity to have braces as a teen, you might feel like you must simply resign yourself to living the rest of your life with misaligned teeth.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

At our Arlington, TX dental practice, we offer orthodontics that fit in with busy adult lifestyles. Regardless of your age, you are never too old to get straight teeth.

Why Get Braces as an Adult?

The main reason to get braces as an adult is that straight teeth tend to be healthier. Having teeth that are properly ...

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How Six Month Smiles Works

If you’d love straighter teeth but feel discouraged by the prospect of traditional braces, you’ll be excited to learn about Six Month Smiles in Arlington, TX. Adults and older teens who need only minor teeth straightening or small occlusal adjustments can be in and out of these clear orthodontics in less than six months!

What Is Six Month Smiles?

Like many people, you may have felt dissatisfied with the way your teeth look but decided orthodontics weren’t for you. After all, braces usually mean a long-term commitment that involves lots of metal, frequent adjustments, and several years of expenses and appointments. But Six Month Smiles is a program for adults that offers ...

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Six Month Smiles vs Traditional Braces

a man with braces smiles against a wood backdrop | orthodontist arlington

If you are looking to align your smile more quickly than can be achieved through traditional metal braces, the Six Month Smiles treatment in our Arlington, TX office may be right for you.

While Six Month Smiles and traditional braces do share some similarities -- such as straightening your teeth through brackets and wires -- the two treatment programs have several distinct differences.

Generally speaking, Six Month Smiles is an orthodontic treatment specifically designed to be faster and simpler than the average set of braces. Which treatment is right for you will depend on your age, the structure of your mouth and your overall orthodontic goals. Our caring Arlington, TX team can ...

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A Quick History of the Development of Six Month Smiles

a close up image of a smile with six month smiles braces | arlington orthodontics

Six Month Smiles is one of the most popular cosmetic services offered by our Arlington, TX dental office. 

Six Month Smiles is a short-term orthodontic treatment program geared toward adult patients who want a quick, minimally-invasive way to straighten their teeth and correct minor cosmetic complaints. Six Month Smiles can be thought of as a faster, more basic extension of traditional orthodontics. 

The Six Month Smiles program was developed by Dr. Ryan Swain, a dentist from New York State who saw the need for an adult-specific orthodontic program while he was treating patients back in 2003. Many adult patients were turned off by the cost, time and appearance associated with metal braces ...

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Do You Want a Straighter Smile? How Six Months Can Make a Difference

Six Month Smiles | Arlington TX

If you aren’t happy with your smile because your teeth aren’t straight, you may have thought about braces, but perhaps you were unsure of the long commitment necessary for traditional orthodontics. The good news is that there is an orthodontic option available that can often give you the results of traditional braces—without all the metal.

Talk to your Arlington, TX, dentist about Six Month Smiles and find out if they might be right for you.

What Is Six Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles is an orthodontic option that gives results much more quickly than traditional braces. It is an ideal treatment for adults who need their front teeth straightened.

Because they focus primarily on ...

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Caring for Your Six Month Smiles

Caring for Your Six Month Smiles | Rush Creek Dentistry

If you are unhappy with your crowded, gapped, or crooked teeth, you are probably tired of hiding your smile. You may not be ready for the hassle of traditional metal wire braces, but there is another solution. Six Month Smiles is a new orthodontic option that straightens teeth quickly—without the look of traditional braces.

Talk to your cosmetic dentist in Arlington, TX, if you want to learn more about wearing and caring for Six Month Smiles.

What Is Six Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles use brackets bonded to the teeth that are connected to a wire, but that is where the similarities to traditional braces end. Here is what else you will enjoy ...

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Celebrity smile treatment: Faith Hill wears braces

Orthodontics in Arlington TX, Rush Creek Dentistry

Faith Hill, America's favorite country-pop crooner (also known as the voice of NBC's Sunday Night Football intro song) is the latest celebrity to discover that braces can be fast and discreet. She recently flashed her signature smile at the Grammy Awards, with a bit of orthodontic bling.

Hill joins famous names like Tom Cruise, Khloe and Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, and Emma Stone who made the important investment in their careers and self-image by seeking straighter teeth.

Today, braces aren't just for kids. Adults have some fantastic options to improve alignment quickly and discreetly, like Six Month Smiles.

This method utilizes clear brackets and ...

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