Sedation Dentistry in Arlington TX

Patient Testimonial

"I’ve never felt so comfortable and gotten so much attention at a dentist before! Very nice accommodations as well. The office is new and has all kinds of technology. Felt happy taking my kids there and recommending friends. Thanks Doc"

- Salster T.

Do your heart race and your stomach tie up in knots when you hear a dental drill? Perhaps the mere thought of calling for an appointment brings a flood of anxiety. You are not alone. Dental fear, also called dental phobia, is a common condition affecting millions of men and women. If this sounds familiar, come to Rush Creek Dentistry, where you have nothing to fear.

Relax in the dental chair

Yes, it is possible. You can relax in our comfortable office, while we transform your smile! We do not use general anesthesia, meaning that you will not be unconscious or unaware. Instead, you will be relaxed and unconcerned. If oral sedatives are used, you will need to arrange transportation, as it takes several hours for the medication to wear off.A Woman Panics In The Dental Chair | Sedation Dentistry Arlington TX

Levels of sedation

We offer two options. In some cases, a combination may be used. The dosage depends on the dental procedure being done, your anxiety level, and your response to sedatives. We do not over sedate – you will be given the minimal dosage necessary to ensure your comfort. The medication is administered precisely, and you are monitored throughout your visit, as a safety precaution.

The lowest level of sedation is inhaled nitrous oxide, commonly called laughing gas. This induces a relaxed state, and fades quickly after the appointment. It is safe for adults and children.

Conscious oral sedation is stronger than nitrous, inducing a somewhat sleepy state. You will be aware and have full bodily control, but you will feel very relaxed. Hours often seem like minutes, and anxiety melts away.

A combination of the two methods may be used for a deeper level of sedation. However, you will always be aware of your surroundings, and you will be fully functional. We do not use general anesthesia.

Sedation for children

We only use nitrous for our smallest patients. It is very safe for children, and makes dental visits a much more pleasant experience for them. In most cases, we do not need to give them shots, which eliminates a great deal of anxiety.

Benefits of sedation

Patients with dental fear most frequently request sedation. However, it has other advantages as well. Sedation can:

  • Reduce or eliminate dental chair fatigue.
  • Prevent over-active gag reflex.
  • Allow more dental work to be done in a single appointment.
  • Help highly anxious, restless or hyperactive patients relax.

If you are looking for quality, safe, sedation dentistry, look no further than Rush Creek Dentistry. Call us at (682) 323-3299.