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The Root Canal Process

Root canals have become a common procedure for a good reason: Treating a tooth infection in a timely way can prevent you from losing the tooth. A root canal will also fix a severe toothache caused by an infected tooth and will likely last a lifetime.

Dentists who perform root canals in Arlington, TX, are experts at pain management, so there’s nothing to fear if you need a root canal. Take a look at the root canal process to better understand what to expect.

Getting Ready for a Root Canal

Even if you can’t see any damage to the outside of a tooth, it may be damaged inside the root canal. Your dentist ...

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When Ice Water Becomes a Shocking Sensation

glass of water and tooth sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is not uncommon, and most people will experience some tooth sensitivity at some point. Often it is caused by foods and beverages that are either hot or cold, or sometimes by breathing in very cold air. It some instances it can be the start of more severe pain that might mean you need to visit your Arlington dentist for a root canal.

More often than not, however, tooth sensitivity is caused by the roots of teeth being exposed because of gum recession or periodontal disease.

Why Tooth Sensitivity Happens

Often tooth sensitivity happens when the dentin on the tooth roots are exposed. Tooth roots don’t have the layer of enamel the ...

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Root canals

Root Canal Therapy in Arlington TX, Rush Creek Dentistry

Root canal treatment, also called endodontic therapy, is a gentle procedure used to remove the dental pulp from within a tooth. It becomes necessary when injury or decay cause damage to the nerve, or allow the pulp to become infected.

During treatment, the chambers inside of the tooth are opened and cleaned. The damaged pulp will not recover, so it needs to be removed. Once this is done, the canal is sterilized and filled with a strong, rubbery material. It is sealed to prevent reinfection. In most instances, the treated tooth will be fitted with a porcelain crown to protect it and avoid the risk of fracturing.


One of the most common, ...

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