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Feeling Anxious about the Dentist? Here's Why

Dental Anxiety | arlington tx dentist

Dental anxiety is quite common. Some studies have estimated as many as 15 percent of people suffer from dental anxiety; that is around 40 million people in this country alone!

If you are one of the sufferers, it may or may not help to know that you are not alone. But it might help to have a better understanding of the source of your anxiety.

Fear of Pain

The fear of pain is probably the most common reason people have anxiety about the dentist. Many people in the Arlington, TX area are looking for painless dentistry. The anticipation that there will be pain can be a powerful motivator—and it can keep people ...

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How We Make Dentistry Painless!

Sedation Dentistry | Dental Anxiety | Lewisville TX

Our patients notice a difference when they come to Rush Creek Dentistry, whether it's in their first friendly phone call, to their treatment procedure, we're always striving to exceed your expectations of what excellent dentistry should be. We do this with our strong commitment to genuinely caring for each patient based on what they need, and by equipping our office with state-of-the-art technology that's designed to make your procedure comfortable and stress-free. Here are some of the ways we make dentistry painless for our patients.

Advanced Technology

No one likes the injections before treatment, right? Even though the needle is delivering anesthetics designed to keep you comfortable, the anticipation of that needle ...

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The Benefits of Gentle Dentistry

The Benefits of Gentle Dentistry | Rush Creek Dentistry

Whether or not you suffer from dental fear or anxiety, the dentist is not typically everyone's favorite place to visit. For those with fears, it may be even harder to get to those appointments. Rush Creek Dentistry has solutions for you however, and you'll notice our focus on gentle dentistry right away when you choose to work with Dr. Rami Sater. Your dentist in Arlington, TX discusses how we provide gentle dentistry to our patients.

Single Tooth Anesthesia

Dr. Sater uses advanced technology called the VibraJect to administer local anesthetic. This tool uses a soft gentle vibration to deliver a comfortable injection that you don't even feel. It helps patients relax by ...

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