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5 Ways to Prevent Gum Disease

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Healthy gums are a necessity for healthy teeth. Our gums provide critical protection for the connective tissue that secures the base of teeth to the bone.

The two stages of gum disease, gingivitis and periodontitis, are serious health conditions that can lead to tooth loss and other medical complications. 

Gingivitis is the more common and less severe form, accounting for roughly 70 percent of all patients suffering from gum disease. Gingivitis is caused by bacteria, which will grow in pockets along the gums, creating inflammation. If the inflammation spreads to the bone or connective tissue, periodontitis has occurred.

Periodontitis causes tooth loss, gum discomfort and pain, noticeable inflammation along the gum line, receding ...

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Worried about Your Blood Pressure? It Might Be Time to Visit Your Dentist

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Most people know that flossing and brushing regularly will help protect their oral health, but more and more studies are showing that there is a connection between poor oral health and a higher risk of developing chronic health problems. In fact, patients who neglect their mouths might be more vulnerable to conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and some forms of cancer.

Now there is a new condition to add to the list: hypertension. A new study by the Journal of Periodontology suggests that the inflammation of gum disease could be linked to high blood pressure. The study found that people who did not practice good oral hygiene and who had ...

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Can Your Weight Affect Your Oral Health? Possibly, Says a New Study

Weight and Oral Health | Arlington TX dentist

Most people are aware that obesity is a widespread problem in this country. Most consider it to be a chronic medical problem. According to the NCBI, more and more research is revealing a connection between obesity and periodontal disease. Reports indicate that insulin resistance could be the source as well as the fact that people with higher body mass indices (BMI) have a higher production of inflammatory proteins.

What does this mean for your medical and oral health? If you have concerns about your oral health, your best bet is to discuss these with your Arlington, TX, dentist. Call Rush Creek Dentistry to make an appointment today!

Obesity and Your Oral ...

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3 Solutions for Gum Disease

Gum Disease, Periodontitis | Lewisville TX Dentist

Lately you've been noticing blood in the sink when you brush your teeth. Your teeth aren't hurting and you don't see any dark spots, so there's probably nothing to be concerned about, right? Wrong!

Teeth that bleed during brushing is often the telltale first sign of periodontal (gum) disease, and this is a condition that shouldn't be ignored. The good news is that this usually means that you are in the earliest stages of gum disease, and Dr. Sater has options for gum disease treatment in Arlington, TX.

Here are 3 solutions we offer for gum disease:


Gum disease is essentially an infection of the soft tissue and bone that support your teeth. ...

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Gum disease

Gum Disease Treatment in Arlington TX, Rush Creek Dentistry

Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is a common, and highly preventable, condition afflicting millions of people. It is an infection centered in tissues surrounding teeth. It is the leading cause of adult tooth loss in America. This condition is typically painless, so you could be infected and not know it. It is caused by bacteria, which accumulate in sticky plaque.

The symptoms of gum disease include:

  • Gums bleeding when you brush your teeth
  • Swollen, tender, or discolored gums
  • Gums separated from the teeth creating pockets
  • Changes in how your teeth meet when you bite down
  • Changes in the way dental appliances fit

Anyone can develop gum disease. Factors that increase your risk include:

  • Ineffective oral hygiene
  • Use ...

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