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Does My Back Molar Need to Be Replaced After Extraction?

If you are facing the reality of tooth extraction, you might be wondering about tooth replacement. Even if you are getting a back molar extracted, which from an aesthetic standpoint might not seem like such a big deal, you should still plan on replacing that missing tooth.

Dr. Rami Sater of Rush Creek Dentistry in Arlington, TX advises patients to have any tooth replaced after extraction. Replacing a missing tooth will improve your chewing function—and it will go a long way in protecting your remaining teeth.

Reasons to Replace a Missing Back Molar

Many people think that having a back molar extracted is no big deal; after all, most people won’t even realize ...

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How to Take Care of Your Smile following an Extraction

Two women smile on a beach | Arlington TX Dental Extraction

With all the updated materials and dental technology available today, dentists have many ways to restore damaged teeth to full function. Preserving the health and structure of the teeth you were born with is a priority because it’s healthier for your smile. But in the case of a severely damaged tooth that’s threatening your oral health, removing it may be the only viable option.

Types of Extractions

Most extractions are simple, which involves straightforward removal of the tooth. Others, like the extraction of impacted wisdom teeth, are considered surgical because they are more complex and involved.

With either type of extraction, there are post-procedure guidelines you need to follow to ensure your comfort ...

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