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Six Month Smiles: A Straighter Smile by Your Next Cleaning

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Don't let crooked teeth keep you from living life behind your best smile. Six Month Smiles is an extraordinary straightening option that can help you get straighter teeth by your next cleaning appointment! In as few as six months, you could have a smile that you're no longer embarrassed by.

What Is Six Month Smiles?

While they do use ...

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The History of Dental Crowns

Although modern technology now allows us to identify and treat dental problems with relative ease, imagine having a toothache before there were dentists. Depending on your location and economic status, the only option might be to have the tooth pulled, resulting in lost jawbone over time.

Today, dental crowns look and function just like regular teeth. When you visit a dental crown dentist in Arlington, you feel confident that your tooth restoration is strong enough to last for years. But even thousands of years ago, people found ways of restoring teeth with crowns.

Ancient Crowns Made of Gold

Restoring teeth using gold goes back thousands of years. The first examples of gold crowns ...

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3 Common Misconceptions About Dental Crowns

An image of dental crowns of different colors | Dental Crowns Arlington TX

Have you recently been told you need a dental crown and are concerned about the procedure? Do you worry that it will be painful or that the results won’t look natural?

These are a couple of the common misconceptions that people share about dental crowns, so let’s take a moment to separate fact from fiction.

Myth #1: Getting a Crown is an Uncomfortable Procedure

Fact: If you’re not a fan of dental procedures, you may feel that the process of getting a dental crown will be difficult and uncomfortable. But at Rush Creek Dentistry, we can ensure your complete comfort. Not only do we offer sedation dentistry to calm your fears, but our ...

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