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Four Good Reasons Why People Choose All-On-Four

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If you need extensive restorative work for either missing top or bottom teeth, All-on-Four Dental Implant Treatment may be a good fit for you. Read below to learn more about why patients are choosing All-on-Four Dental Implants in our Arlington, TX office.

Shorter Treatment Time

Classic dental implant and denture treatment plans typically require months of preparation work, healing and visits to the office before a final smile is achieved. For dental implants, in particular, sites that have been bone grafted must be allowed to heal naturally and often slowly before an implant post can even be placed. With the All-on-Four program, the implants used are placed at an angle within the ...

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All-on-4: Is This Implant Option Right for You?

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If you are facing tooth loss and thinking about dentures to replace your missing teeth, you may have heard about a technique called All-on-4 dental implants. This refers to a treatment plan that secures dentures in place with just four dental implants.

Before you ask your Arlington, TX dentist about All-on-4 and whether they might be right for you, read on to find out more about this popular treatment.

How All-on-4 Dental Implants Work

At Rush Creek Dentistry, we use oral conscious sedation for the dental implant procedure. This ensures a painless experience for any needed extractions as well as dental implants that are placed into the jawbone the very same day. These ...

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All-on-4 Dentures: What They Are and Why They Might Be Right for You

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Losing one’s teeth is a traumatic experience. If you are facing the prospect of dentures to replace your missing teeth, you might want to consider all-on-4 dentures. The procedure combines the benefits of dental implants with the convenience of dentures to give patients natural-looking teeth that are secured into place. The best part? You can get your implants and your bridge all in the same day!

Find out more about how all-on-4 might be the best way to replace your missing teeth by calling your Arlington dentist Rush Creek Dentistry.

How Does All-on-4 Work?

The all-on-4 technique works by placing four dental implants into the jawbone. Because of the placement of the all-on-4 ...

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