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  • "I love everything about the office. The staff was incredibly nice and helpful. The doctor was very infomative regarding the treatment i needed. I would definitely recommend to any of my family and friends."

    Crystal M.


Your Dental Care Is an Important Part of Your Health Care

General Dentistry | Arlington TX Dentist
If you think visiting the dentist is just about taking care of your teeth, think again. The truth is, taking care of your dental health is an important part of your overall well-being.You might be one of those people who brush and floss regularly, thinking that is enough to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy. But many dental issues start small, presenting themselves with no signs or symptoms. Then, by the time you are in pain, usually more complicated treatment is needed to fix a problem that could have been easily treated when small.Don’t skimp on your health by skipping trips to the dentist. If it’s been a ...

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How We Detect Cavities (Using Lasers!)

Cavities and Dental Cleanings | Lewisville TX
You're enjoying your favorite treat, an ice cream shake, when suddenly there's painful twinge in your tooth! You try another sip, and again, then sensitivity hits you. This can't be good, you think, and sure enough it's confirmed at your dentist that your tooth is indeed decayed.What if you'd known about that decay before it caused you pain? Laser dentistry in Arlington, TX can detect decay in its very early stages so you can enjoy your shakes with no discomfort!Laser Cavity DetectionUsing a tool called DIAGNOdent, Dr. Sater is able to detect tooth decay very early on, even when it may be hiding under the surface of your enamel. The ...

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3 Solutions for Gum Disease

Gum Disease, Periodontitis | Lewisville TX Dentist
Lately you've been noticing blood in the sink when you brush your teeth. Your teeth aren't hurting and you don't see any dark spots, so there's probably nothing to be concerned about, right? Wrong!Teeth that bleed during brushing is often the telltale first sign of periodontal (gum) disease, and this is a condition that shouldn't be ignored. The good news is that this usually means that you are in the earliest stages of gum disease, and Dr. Sater has options for gum disease treatment in Arlington, TX.Here are 3 solutions we offer for gum disease:GingivitisGum disease is essentially an infection of the soft tissue and bone that support your teeth. ...

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How We Make Dentistry Painless!

Sedation Dentistry | Dental Anxiety | Lewisville TX
Our patients notice a difference when they come to Rush Creek Dentistry, whether it's in their first friendly phone call, to their treatment procedure, we're always striving to exceed your expectations of what excellent dentistry should be. We do this with our strong commitment to genuinely caring for each patient based on what they need, and by equipping our office with state-of-the-art technology that's designed to make your procedure comfortable and stress-free. Here are some of the ways we make dentistry painless for our patients.Advanced TechnologyNo one likes the injections before treatment, right? Even though the needle is delivering anesthetics designed to keep you comfortable, the anticipation of that needle ...

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How Snap-on Smile Works

Snap On Smile | Lewisville TX
Nothing gives you more confidence than a beautiful smile! It also helps create a good first impressions, since it's one of the first features people notice when they meet you. Cosmetic dentistry offers many options for restoring or repairing your teeth, however it can sometimes be out of the budget. Snap-On Smile in Arlington offers patients an affordable way to achieve the beautiful smile they've always wanted.What is Snap-On Smile?Snap-On Smile is an oral appliance that is custom designed by you together with your dentist. It's made of high quality dental resin and it's designed to fit over your own teeth. This can be used on both your upper and ...

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Do You Want a Straighter Smile? How Six Months Can Make a Difference

Six Month Smiles | Arlington TX
If you aren’t happy with your smile because your teeth aren’t straight, you may have thought about braces, but perhaps you were unsure of the long commitment necessary for traditional orthodontics. The good news is that there is an orthodontic option available that can often give you the results of traditional braces—without all the metal.Talk to your Arlington, TX, dentist about Six Month Smiles and find out if they might be right for you.What Is Six Month Smiles?Six Month Smiles is an orthodontic option that gives results much more quickly than traditional braces. It is an ideal treatment for adults who need their front teeth straightened.Because they focus primarily on ...

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Are You Having a Dental Emergency? 5 Signs to Watch For

Dental Emergencies | Arlington TX
Dental emergencies happen, and when they do, it seems they are more likely to happen outside of your dentist’s normal office hours.But are you sure what you are experiencing is truly an emergency? Some dental issues can easily wait until the next day or after the weekend.Here are some ways to figure out if you need emergency dentistry services from your Arlington, TX, dentist.5 Signs You Are Having a Dental EmergencySome signs that your situation might constitute a dental emergency and you need to make an immediate call to your dentist include the following:You have a toothache that is causing you excruciating pain.Your mouth is bleeding and it will not seem ...

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